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Growing up, my favorite activity was watching documentaries with my grandmother about the wonders of the nonhuman-animal’s world, their social interactions and ways of life. Every summer we would go to my grandparent's summer vacation home in the mountains north of Iran where I would get to see and admire, from a safe distance, foxes, wolves, bears, quails, snakes, frogs, scorpions, gigantic beautiful butterflies, gorgeous birds, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and the list goes on…


Then I started to question why is it okay to kill some animals? I would look into the eyes of our family dog and my many cats and see them as my friends. I could see their love for one another and for us humans, I could see the joy and excitement in their eyes when we brought out their favorite toy or food. Adults avoided answering my questions (probably because they didn’t want to think about it) and told me what they were always been told... “eat your meat or you will never grow tall and healthy”.


One day, in my early thirties, I learned about the atrocious and extremely violent and cruel Animal Agriculture industry, and on that same day I stopped eating animals. Six years after I had become a vegetarian, I realized that I was still contributing to significant amount of cruelty to nonhuman animals. I found out that “milk” is the cruelest product on Earth and there is no possible way to “humanely” use animals for their secretions and bodies. My husband and I became vegans on a glorious November 1st. I later found out that November 1st is celebrated as “World Vegan Day!” woohoo!


My great desire and sense of urgency to create a world in which every animal, human or nonhuman, lives a life free from harm, combined with my love for trendy, eco-friendly, organic and fair trade vegan clothing, inspired me to create Peace Panther.

Peace & Love


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